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Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in anybody’s life, for a first-time buyer, the process is a lot different and can be quite stressful. A Move have years of experience and knowledge in helping clients purchase their first home in the most stress-free process possible.

Having an experienced mortgage broker, providing a helping hand and guidance are at least a few benefits we give the clients for the extra piece of mind. Many first-time buyers have visited A Move rather than the restricted option of visiting their high-street bank, mainly due to the whole of market option and the quality service we’ve always given each client.

Regardless of circumstances where some clients believe they are short of options due to bad credit, possible budget restrictions or currently renting, due to our extensive range of mortgage lenders, we can get clients the best rate for their situation.

Some opt to take a helping hand by buying their first property through a shared ownership scheme. This is a very good way for clients to climb on the property ladder at an early age and with less of a deposit by purchasing a percentage of a home, with an option to purchase it outright at a later date, or saved enough to purchase their first home using a full deposit.

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Saving for your first home can be an extremely difficult task and patience is key in this section of the path. Many think that you will need to give your devoted time to saving profusely is the only part, however it’s the amount that you’re willing to save that will determine the rate you will receive. Rates for first time buyers are at an excellence at the moment, this is something we’ll be able to help you with even at you’re deposit at 5%.

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